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NCC Office Statement

Statement Regarding the Hong Kong Protest


Regarding the anti-extradition bill protest that took place in Hong Kong on June 9th, the Hong Kong Christian Council (HKCC) published an urgent appeal. See the site here. Turn the language to English. NCC in Japan publishes a statement that supports the appeal. See the PDF below. HongKong190618

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Statement Regarding the 2.8 Independence Declaration


This year marks the 100th anniversary since Korea, which had been under the rule of the Empire of Japan, carried out the Independence Declaration on February 8th and Independence Movement on March 1st. On this occasion, NCCJ (National Christian Council in Japan) announces the statement considering how we grasp the historical facts and how Japan and the North and South Korea will advance toward the future. Please see the PDF. 2.8Declaration


Hiroshima Declaration


The 6th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 that was held from June 13th (Wed.) to 15th (Fri.) at the International Conference Center in Hiroshima, Japan, finished successfully all its programs with 187 participants from 47organizations, 12 countries. We published the Hiroshima Declaration. See the PDF in English and Korean (Hangul). Hiroshima Declaration (English) Hiroshima Declaration (Hangul)

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