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A Way of Mission of Hospitality and Peace


Rev. Dr. Sungjae Kim, General Secretary of NCCJ, gave a keynote address titled "A Way of Mission of Hospitality and Peace" at the 4th International Theological Colloquium on Theological Ecumenism that was held in Tokyo on March 20th. See the PDF. A Way of Mission of Hospitality and Peace

NCC Office News

Consultation of NCCK and NCCJ


The National Council of Churches in Korea and the National Christian Council in Japan held a joint consultation on "Peaceful Reunification of Korean Peninsula and the Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution" June 11. This was a part of NCCK's campaign for a Korea Peace Treaty in Northeast Asia. 20 participants from Korea, 9 from Europe and North America, and 9 from Japan participated in this half-day consultation. Rev. Ra Heak Jib, Chair of NCCK Committee on Reconciliation and Peaceful Reunification, talked about the importance of this campaign for reconciliation and peaceful reunification of Korean Peninsula. From Japan side, Ms. ...


Statement regarding Summit meetings on Korean Peninsula


NCCJ has published a statement regarding Summit Meetings at Panmunjom and Singapore. See PDF. [pdf-embedder url=""]

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Global Inter-religious Conference on Article 9 News

6th Global Inter-religious Conference on Article 9 (


The 6th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 will be held from June 13th (Wed.) to 15th (Fri.), 2018 in Hiroshima, Japan. Download the PDFs for further information. Invitation to the 6th Conference Concept Paper Tentative Program Registration Form


40th General Assembly Held


The 40th NCCJ General Assembly was held on March 19th, 20th at Kanda Christ Church of Nippon Sei Ko Kai in Chiyoda-ku. 1.Admission of Associate Member Organizations Waseda Hoshien, Wesley Foundation, and Church World Service Japan were admitted to NCCJ as associate member organizations from a new general assembly period. Appointment of New Executives NCCJ has started a new system as Rev. Koichi KOBASHI and Rev. Aminaka, who served as moderator and general secretary in the 39th general assembly, resigned. The new executive members are as follows: Moderator: Makoto WATABE (Japan Bible Society) new Vice moderator: Shinichi YAHAGI (Episcopal Church ...

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