Theology and Mission Division


Faith and Order Committee

The committee started in 1971. We aim to promote the unification of churches and ecumenism in Japan in cooperation with Catholic Church, the member churches and organizations by having discussions and dialogues mainly on traditional doctrine, liturgy, and order, Also, we aim to share the visible unity by praying together. We published a translation and explanation of LIMA Text, “Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry” in 1985 that has been reprinted.

  • Having the United Prayer Meeting with Catholic Church (in January) and the dialogue meeting (in June) every year.
  • Promoting to work together with the Theology and Mission committee.
  • Striving to enhance the relationship with JEA (Japan Evangelical Association) and to the realization of programs.
  • Promoting the dialogue between denominations.
  • Having dialogues and exchange information with other religions
  • Cooperating with activities on faith and order in Asia and the world


Theology and Mission Committee


Taking into consideration the issues of the present Christian world and the ecumenical movement, we explore the theological significance of NCC activities and to hold a missionary conference, when necessary.

Outlook and goals
  • Collecting, organizing, and researching hymns and liturgies that have been used at each meeting and conference held by the NCC, in cooperation with the Mission and Service
  • Committees and the Committees of International Division,
    Continued analysis and recommendations for statements, requests, and reports on activities published from NCC.
  • Holding seminars, lectures, and workshops on Asian theology and ecumenical theology. (Collaboration with Faith and Order Committee)