NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions

The NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions was established to serve the gospel mission through (1) researching Japanese religions and (2) promoting dialogue and mutual understanding among people of religions. .

The main work of the institute is the overnight seminar, holding various study groups, and publishing magazines in English and Japanese. Each year, we select one religion or sect in the seminar and stay at the main or sub facility of the religion. In addition to listening to lectures, we also observe the ceremonies of the religion. Also, depending on the year, we learn on themes such as “Youth problem” or “The funeral / ancestor service problem.” The program is executed in Japanese and English; the latter is mainly for missionaries coming to Japan.

Regarding the study groups, we have “the Buddhist Scripture Study Group,” which studies Buddhist texts throughout the year, “the Ancestor Worship Study Group,” “the Church and the State Study Group,” and “the Religious Theology Study Group.” From 1999, in conjunction with the Tomisaka Christianity Center in Tokyo, we decided to start the New Religion Movement Study Group.

Besides, sometimes, people from different religions gather to hold research meetings. In March 1999 we invited Professor William R. LaFleur of the United States on brain death and organ transplantation to listen to the lecture and have frank discussions about how we think in each religion. (This record is now published in a booklet. 800 yen)

We publish two magazines. “Encounter” and “Japanese Religions.” “Encounter” was launched in 1966, aiming to provide information on religions to the Japanese Christian communities and to raise awareness about issues related to other religions. “English Religions” was first published in 1959. It is a research journal on Japanese religions, and has the role of transmitting Japanese religious circumstances to the world. (Both issued twice a year)

Instruction from overseas trainees is also an important part of the Religious Research Institute. With regard to Christianity in the coexistence of religions, foreign churches are highly interested in Japan and accept incumbent pastors and theology students as trainees every year.

In Japan, there are three Christian institutes for researching other religions besides our institute. (Nanzan, Oriens, Sophia) We hold a liaison meeting twice in the year and make research presentations, exchange information and promote cooperation. In addition, similar research institutes in various parts of East Asia have liaison meetings once every few years.

Laboratory magazine

“Encounter (Deai)” (Christianity and Religions)
Issued twice a year Price 800 yen

Japanese Religions
Price 1000 yen


“Brain Death, Organ Transplantation and Japanese Religious People”-On the Proposal of American Religious Scholars-
NCC Institute for Religious Studies, published on July 5, 1999 Price: 800 yen


“What Kind of Practice Did You Do?”-Questions to and from AUM Shinrikyo


Shimodateuri-agaru, Karasuma-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, 602-8011, Kyoto
TEL / FAX 075-432-1945
Kenji Doi, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees
Yusuke Iwano, Director